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As part of Riverlife Church, Flourish Op Shop is one way we hope to benefit our local community. We sell a wide range of goods, including Women's, Men's and Children's (For Ages 0+) Clothing , Footware, Bric-and-Brac, Manchester, Jewellery and more! 


As a not-for-profit organisation, proceeds raised from Flourish go towards charitable outreaches on a local and national scale. If you know of any charities or outreaches big or small that we can donate to in the future, please let us know as we seek to help those in need however we can. 


Since 2019, Flourish has donated up to $3,615 towards multiple initiatives, including the Western Care Farmer's Drought Relief, the ACC International NSW Flood Appeal, the Tumbarumba Community Church Fire Recovery Appeal, Vision Christian Media and Local Community Support. 

So make sure you come down and check out what's on offer. Thank-you for supporting our small business and mission. 

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